Holy Mountain


The 150 episode Arabic Language drama Hay el Matar, set in Syria and recorded in Lebanon, is now in full swing, recording until June, broadcasting until September. Now happy to announce that an English language adaptation is in production, due for broadcast in June this year. More on that anon.

Soon recording Billie Homeless Dies at the End by Tom Kelly. An opera for voices and found sounds. It’s about a young girl, made homeless, being blown around the city on a cold cold night.

Boz Temple-Morris has just won the APA award for Best Drama Producer of the year. He has gleefully broken off chunks of the Award for all our brilliant collaborators throughout the last year.



Recently broadcast on BBC Radio 4


The Good Listener
A new 3 part thriller for BBC Radio 4 takes us back inside GCHQ where Henry Morecombe (Owen Teale) and his team are tackling a major cyber attack. Written by Fin Kennedy, Hassan Abdulrazzak and Anders Lustgarten.

Broadcast on Monday 31st October, Tuesday 1st November and Wednesday 2nd November.



Deep Swimmer by Steve Waters.
Mark Kennedy was the police officer who spent 7 years undercover, spying on environmental activists. Deep Swimmer imagines the events leading up to his unmasking by his activist friends, including the women with whom he had had relationships.