Holy Mountain


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We’ve been back in Beirut to make more Stories from Hay el Matar, the radio drama set in contemporary Damascus. In November 2018 the BBC will broadcast three 45 minute stories developed from the Arabic language drama that we have been working on over recent years, and continuing our collaboration with Syrian writer Hozan Akko, studio maestro Karim Beidoun, Raffi Feghali (who translated and adapted) and an brilliant cast of 18 Syrian and Lebanese actors. It’s such a pleasure to work with such an outstanding group.

Then there’s How To Burn a Million Quid by Sean Grundy and Cara Jennings. The story of the KLF and how – driven on by the voice of Ken Campbell and the words of Illuminatus Trilogy, they came to make some quite extreme decisions. This will be Podcast on BBC Sounds very soon. Features Paul Higgins, Nick Burns, Kevin Eldon, Polly Kemp, Jeremy Stockwell, Ronnie Jhutti and Kate O’Sullivan.

And our latest hot potato is a drama about Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Trump campaign’s possible collusion with Russia. This story constantly mutating and we are making an investigative drama alongside real events.

In February we have the Old Man in the Moon, set in present day Iran as two characters remember the revolution, 40 years ago.

Boz Temple-Morris is nominated for the Audio Production Award for Best Drama Producer of the year. Having won in 2016 he gleefully broke off chunks of the Award for all our brilliant collaborators.

We are about to make an announcement about our drama Podcast which, after years in the oven, is almost ready to emerge, piping hot and ready for consumption.