Holy Mountain


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Next up is The Kubrick Test by Kerry Shale. In 1987 a young Kerry received a phone call asking whether he’d be interested in voicing the trailer for Full Metal Jacket, the new film by Stanley Kubrick. This drama is about what happened next… Features Henry Goodman as Kubrick, Robert Emms as his assistant, Leon, and Kerry as himself. A true story.

Then it’s back to Beirut to record the three more dramas set inside Syria. This time we work with Syrian writer Ghassan Zakyria looking at the early days of the Syrian Uprising. It’s easy to forget, these days, that the brutal civil war started life as a popular uprising. We look at this experience through the eyes of young Syrians and ask what it means for Syrian identity today.

Boz Temple-Morris has just won the BEST DRAMA PRODUCER award at the Audio Production Awards for the second time. The judges were unanimous apparently. Thank you to all our brilliant collaborators who made that happen.

Our recent podcasts MUELLER: Trump Tower Moscow by Jonathan Myerson and HOW TO BURN A MILLION QUID by Sean Grundy and Cara Jennings are still freely available on BBC Sounds.