Holy Mountain


A public exhibition and event, taking place at The Bargehouse on London’s South Bank in January 2012,  that brought artists and academics together to tell the story of our worn clothing as it passes through charity shops and recycling bins and is sold into the global marketplace.

It’s the culmination of a five year academic social science project ‘Waste of the World’. The exhibition brought invisible global waste economies into public view, revealing the people involved and how the trade impacts upon their lives.

As the academic process drew to a close, we came in to devise a way of telling the story to a wider public.

Everything Must Go was curated by anthropologist Dr Lucy Norris and artist Clare Patey, produced by Boz Temple-Morris with Tiphaine Tailleux and included photography by Tim Mitchell, workshops by Lizzie Harrison, film by Meghna Gupta and design by Brighten the Corners.

We also hosted a discussion series, ‘Talking Rubbish’, where researchers, designers, filmmakers, business entrepreneurs and third sector leaders came together to critically engage with the issues raised and the implications for the way in which we think about our old clothing.