Holy Mountain



A feature length documentary project developed by Boz Temple-Morris & Christophe Dirickx and shot by Johnny Howorth. RUN follows six Maasai warriors as they leave their ancestral village for the first time and travel across the world to run the London Marathon. They want to raise funds for the drilling of a bore hole. They want to bring water to their village.

The project was run in collaboration with Greenforce, who manage a volunteer programme working with the Maasai in Tanzania.

The journey to London is an unimaginable leap for the warriors but one they relish with childlike glee. They become instant celebrities and raise funds far in excess of all expectation.

However the process of finding water is far more complex and difficult than anyone had foreseen. Tensions rise as several attempts fail before water is finally found. And even then, relations between the Maasai and their western partners continue to degrade.

It’s quite a story. With the support of the NFTS Clinic we now have a 68 minute offline edit and are now offering the film to broadcasters.


Photo by Tim Mitchel